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Academics, for students (ages 13-17), is designed to teach methods of learning, increase and teach proper study skills for the individual child and boost self-esteem for those learners who are struggling in the typical school setting. An experienced teacher will use an outdoor education project as the catalyst for learning the skills for classroom success.

Academic Component
Academics at Talisman Camps The academic program at Talisman addresses three elements of academic life that are critical for success for the child with Asperger's Syndrome, high functioning autism or other social and learning differences: study skills, classroom behavior, and specific academic goals. Each morning is split between study skill-building group activities and individualized lessons designed to address particular areas of need. We provide a combination of academics in the morning and high adventure activities in the afternoon.

Personal Growth
Talisman Children Talisman recognizes that for many children with Asperger's Syndrome, HFA, and other special needs, classroom teaching cannot be done in a vacuum. A holistic approach must address the emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of children with special needs. This is why the emotional and behavioral growth components which work so powerfully in Talisman's other programs are seamlessly integrated into our academic program. Because these needs are being addressed simultaneously, growth is enhanced in all areas.

Talisman Camp ActivitiesOur Academics program will be held on the campus of Talisman Academy. Academic campers take part in many of the same type of activities as Foundations and Sight. Included are a campout, tree climbing, high ropes course, kayaking, arts and crafts, swimming, and nature studies. Often camp activities will be integrated into the academic program, enhancing both.

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