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Aspergers / Autism
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The young person with Apsergers, high-functioning autism, and related diagnoses such as PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay) and NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disability), has many programs to choose from at Talisman. The younger camper can experience typical camp in the Sight program. Teenagers may choose from any of our integrated teen programs or Insight, which is specifically for teens with Aspergers. Young adults (18-22) can develop life skills as well as backcounty skills in a 2 or 3 week program developed just for them. In all of these programs, we focus on providing positive new experiences and teaching the social integration skills that will allow them to build lasting friendships.

Talisman Camps Sight Program Talisman Insight Program
Talisman Teen Programs
"Campus based, variety of activities -ages 8-13" "Variety of activates for teens ages 14-17" "Variety of expeditions for teens -ages 14-17"


Talisman Insight Young Adult Program Young Adult Adventure Leadership Young Adult
"A unique program for young adults. "Wilderness based program for young adults." "Teaching young adults valuable leadership skills."