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Sight focuses on the special needs of youth ages 8 to 13 with high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome. The program is designed to increase self-confidence, improve peer and social interactions, and encourage campers to discover and pursue their own unique interests and goals. A structured and comfortable atmosphere encourages participants to feel secure and accepted in their environment, which in turn allows them to learn and have fun. Our goal is to help each child have a fun and successful summer camp experience through making new friends, exploring new interests, and gaining independence.

Summer Camp Soccer Game

Personal Growth
Our close, involved community environment promotes relationship-building, and allows us to meet the individual needs of each camper. Making and keeping friends is typically difficult for the Sight camper; with our 3:8 staff to camper ratio, we have time to guide campers through process of developing lasting friendships. We also focus on teaching behavior and anger management skills to campers and broadening their communication skills. We utilize an insight-oriented group process to build campers' understanding of the connections between choices and consequences. By holding campers to a high level of personal accountability, we help them gain independence and confidence.

Every day is highly-structured and filled with new adventures within a familiar schedule. Activities include day hikes, swimming, tubing down a local river, overnight camping, rock climbing, technical tree climbing, high ropes course, arts and crafts, nature studies and more! Throughout each activity, emphasis is put on communication, social skills, and building self esteem. In all activities, we use a "Challenge by Choice" approach, meaning that we will encourage campers to stretch their limits in trying something new, but will never force them. Emotional and physical safety are always our priorities. Down time is built into each day for resting, reading, writing home, and informal socializing. Sight campers take part in several full-camp special events each session. Our wide range of offerings ensures that everyone will find favorites and come home with new interests to pursue.